Membership for the 2025 Mardi Gras season is NOW OPEN!

2024/2025 Royal Court

Reigning as King or Queen Centurion is an honor that only a few select people will ever get the chance to experience. Our Queens are selected from a long list of ladies whose names were placed on the list many years before their reign. Several of our past Queens were placed on the list the day that they were born!

In order to hold the highest title of the Centurion Royal Court and reign as King Centurion, the gentlemen must be a member of our King's Club. This separate membership is open to all male members and includes several private dinners throughout the year, as well as the chance to vote for who will reign as King Centurion. Many of our past Kings have held other court positions prior to reigning as King Centurion.


Being part of the Krewe of Centurions Royal Court is a once in a lifetime experience. We are constantly taking names of those interested in holding this honor. If you are interested, please email Centurion Captain, Andy Le Bouef at krewecenturions@gmail,com for an application. The below court positions are currently available for the 2024/2025 season.

Maid Centurion - $3,500 (ages 15 & up)

Lady in Waiting - $600 (ages 10-14)

Junior Duke - $600 (ages 10-14)
Page Boy or Page Girl - $600 (ages 5-9)